Hardin County Humane Society of OHIO

 LOCATION                           MAILING ADDRESS
13510 SR 68 South                   P.O. Box 108
Kenton, Ohio 43326                  Kenton, Ohio 43326

THIS LICENSE PLATE SUPPORTS THE OHIO PET FUND THIS IS A 501(c)(3) charitable corporation that supports selected educational programs concerning proper veterinary care of dogs and cats and selected programs for spaying and neutering of dogs and cats. If you see this plate someone supports OHIO pets.
Ask your local DMV about how to get YOUR special animal license plate to support spay and neuter!​

We are happy to announce that we were awarded 2,000 towards our goal of providing low cost income for the low income households of Hardin County as well as those financially struggling to spay/neuter their pets. We are extremely appreciative!​​