To schedule for Rascal Unit Spay and Neuter or to purchase HOPE Clinic vouchers contact
contact Linda at 567-674-8823​​​​

​You can contact us through our Facebook page ​​

Please keep in mind we are volunteers and may not be able to reply right away. If it is an emergency please contact a vet. If it is to report animal abuse, contact your local law enforcement immediately!!

Board Officers and Trustees

Treasurer - Sue Fetzer
      Rosie Hites 
      Linda Shaffer
      Brenda Marshman
      Chris McClane
      Janet Reese
Hardin County Humane Society of Ohio
Location:                                   Mailing address:
13510 State Route 68 S           PO Box 108
Kenton OH 43326                     Kenton OH 43326